We will continue to create new value.

Kyoei Sangyo is much more than a technology oriented trading firm. We are active in a variety of areas, from new-product development and manufacturing to software development and system design, corresponding with our customers' advanced and sophisticated needs. That is why today we stand at the leading edge of our field, offering products and services that keep pace with the evolving electronics age.

Personal computers for home use, widespread use of mobile communications devices, full-scale business use of the Internet, electronic money transactions.... Electronics technology has assumed a central role in both business and everyday life.

As in phenomena seen in conventional technologies, electronics technology is quickly becoming more advanced and specialized. And in every division, in every company, in every industry, new needs are emerging day by day.

Kyoei Sangyo strives to help our customers expand their operations and capabilities by providing products and services that respond to customers' innovative and specialized needs. Integrator, creator, designer - Kyoei Sangyo offers three distinct capabilities combining each, as necessary, in a synergistic way to meet evolving requirements. With Kyoei Sangyo, you can expect an entirely different level of value.